Tuna & Co. Fish Tour in GenSan Fish Port

I went to GenSan for the tuna, to learn more about it and somehow find a new sense of appreciation for it. The Soccsksargen EXperience (S3X Tour Tres) was a lot more than I expected. I couldn't quite keep up with all the exclusive sneak peeks of fishing, unloading, weighing, cleaning, sorting, freezing, packing, processing, selling and everything that I saw in a half morning. But it's no biggie. It's simply a case of fish and white boots overload in an off-limits place. We had to wake up early and go to the very busy General Santos Fish Port or we'll miss all the fun, wearing these boots for example.

I'm going to attempt to make this into a photo story post about my General Santos Fish Port experience.

White Boots, Everyone! Or No Entry.

Foot bath, please! Or No Entry.

Shiny, Gleaming & Shimmering Catch of the Day

Jaw-Dropping, Just YellowFin Tuna Everywhere

One Tuna Per Person

Contenders Weigh-In

Big, Heavy & Tall YellowFin Tuna at 57 Kilos!

All Tagged and Lined Up

Preliminary Check Up

Man With Tuna Guts

Ice Cold Tuna Bath

Super-Frozen Heavy-Weight Challenge

Waiting For First Morning Flight

Buyer's Check - Export or Local Consumption?

Cool Poking Tool

Big YellowFin Tuna Coffin, er, YellowFin Tuna Box

Some More Tuna Outside For Local Consumption

Fillet? Sashimi? Steak? Loin? Longganisa?

Fisherman in an Ice Box

Same Man with Extra Strength

Strength of Four

Loads of Fish in One Ice Box

Start of the Assembly Line

They're All Silver Fish

Spot the Difference

The Rest are Others

Fresh Fish

Want Small Fish?

Or Big Fish?

Magandang Umaga, Gensan! 
Because Today's Giant Tuna Catch is All Sold Out by 7 a.m.!
All Aboard the First Morning Flight to Japan and All Over the World.

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