Motorcycle Adventure Tour Philippines - Sarangani, GenSan & South Cotabato

If you've got half a day to spare before your flight, explore with a friend and have a motorcycle adventure! There is also a preferred and faster way of going around the city (General Santos City and the rest of Mindanao) - to ride at the back of a motorcycle, if you can't drive yourself. It costs cheaper too at less than P300 for gas expenses. Wake up early, hold on and watch the skies change with sun rise while you ride.

Enjoy the breeze, the scenery, the coconut trees, the countryside and the well-paved road to Glan, Gumasa in Sarangani province.

This is what the beach in Isla Jardin del Mar looks like (P100 entrance for us). The sand is not fine but there are not a lot of people in the morning.

Being here and getting here after riding by motorcycle for the first time and for several hours was already something I have never thought of doing ever in my life.

You have earned a gold badge for this my friend, Arze of, for not letting me skip on this adventure. 

And we'll cheer each other on for our adventures no matter where we are in the country.

Cheers to you for showing me the your way of traveling! I'll leave the biking to you, hiking maybe some other time when we meet each other again.

And thank you for being so game to take pictures even if we both admitted that we don't know any better. Let's just stick with the natural shots and keep clicking. Haha.

Breakfast was tapa and I loved it just because it's always my favorite thing to order when out on a resort with Filipino breakfast like this in the countryside. Plus it's a long way back.

Thank you for trusting me with your Honda. It's very heavy and this is crazy by the way. See my feet don't even touch the ground? I can actually fly this thing. Thank you for stopping and capturing this moment to see where we've been.

It's a very bumpy ride up and down these rocky roads but it's the only way through.

Thank you for showing me this wonderful view that you found while biking here. It comes as a relief that because we are on a motorcycle, we can stop anywhere and pause for ten minutes or so.

Haggard as I looked, I still learned a thing or two from you about motorcycles. That you're not supposed to counterbalance the driver by leaning to the other direction when he suddenly dips to the left or right. Instead, I let go as you told me and followed you close to the ground at those turns. I instantaneously felt the speed and appreciated the intricacies of riding a motorcycle by abandoning the fear of tipping over. Thank you for adjusting to balance the vehicle when I didn't listen earlier.

We reached the capitol and I could say that I've been to Sarangani, something I missed during the first day of The Soccsksargen Experience Tour (S3X Tour Tres). It wasn't even in my itinerary, by the way, and you were very convincing about the motorcycle ride.

Then I saw a goat being transported this way when I looked ahead and I laughed. I got the guts to pull out my camera now during the ride and click away.

The Dole Plantation was a plus and you said we still had a lot of time before my 3 p.m. flight. I would normally just wait for the flight time and waste the time away just sitting and watching TV. But, no. We passed by the Dolores Hotel in GenSan to the other direction. We were in South Cotabato in around 30 minutes. And this is the Mt. Matutum that you said we can hike. It was one of the choices you gave me on where to go for this half day but I opted to go to Glan and ride to the beach. With this Dole trip you suggested as we were heading back, you made both options possible and it didn't matter if one was from a distance.

There were mini pineapples all around me and just beside the road. I can also smell them in the air, a very strong and sweet scent, as we passed by the Dole plant, thanks to open air by motorcycle haha.

The heat is really intense now and it's almost time to go home.

Finally, thank you for accompanying me to The Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Company to get the stuff that they failed to deliver and taking me to the airport, luggage all strapped and still via your motorcycle (my Mindanao Habal-habal experience for the day). 

I don't know how I survived breathing through the constricting helmet. It was probably because the view to Glan, Sarangani to GenSan to South Cotabato and finally to the airport was amazing too. That's 3 provinces in a day! Plus I knew I was protected from the bugs that did not splat in my face because of our speed and from the sun because we were all covered from head to toe. That's when I got the difference it makes when you wear a jacket, jeans and rubber shoes for a trip like this - no sunburn as opposed to what happened to my half-exposed hand. I don't know how I survived four freaking hours (or was that 5 or 6) at the back of a motorcycle.

But I was sitting there waiting for my flight thinking that my GenSan trip wouldn't be complete without it. Click here to read what else you can do in General Santos. The possibilities on the ways to travel just keep on expanding for me. Thank you very much for the generosity, the friendship, the continuing blogger cheering and the adventure, Arze! You are one cool General! This is a tribute post to you! Sa uulitin. Haha.