Singapore Series: Shock Therapy! Part III of III

Get over the shock a little bit faster with the help of your friends in Singapore. I haven’t been on a trip with a group of close friends for a long time and I actually didn’t realize how much I’ve missed having them around, especially if we’re talking about nature trips and over-the-top adventures. 

We are not as free anymore as when we were students and I am actually very thankful that we have started this “yearly” trip. Even a concrete jungle like Singapore has something for a growing group of friends. I wanted to highlight these last few activities we did one particular day, primarily because my heart was pounding with all the craziness I put myself into.

Things to Do in Singapore: MegaZip to the Beach
I think I was possessed and thought I was Superwoman with my Justice League. 

This was the first time I allowed somebody to gear me up for the zipline. Well, I was under the impression that it was safe to do this in Singapore. 

The 29 SGD price tag, climbing of a metal tower, the heart-pumping exercise, the acknowledgement with friends that we’re all first or second-timers and we’re actually scared, the weakening of the knees, the waiting behind the danger line and staring down were all worth it. 

The multi-line safety harness, the humor of the cable guy, being in the middle of my two bodyguards, the moment of letting go, the view of the beach, the incredible zipline that slowed down to my weight and the length of the ride was all breathtaking. 

I couldn’t help but shout a “Woo-Hoo!” and open my arms to the incredible experience before me. Imagine walking back with a view of the beach. 

I’m glad I did this with my friends and I did it first in Sentosa Singapore.

Things to Do in Singapore: The 1-Round of Segway
I was already mentally computing and objecting to this experience before taking it on. It said 12 SGD for 3 to 5 minutes on the board. I said “WHAT?!” and it was probably so easy that I felt my money fly away even before giving it to the man behind the counter. And why would you need a waiver form for 3 minutes? It was clearly a waste of paper and time. 

Then we got to the beginner’s training part. I swear the THING had a mind of its own! Lean forward to go forward, stand up straight to stop, to turn – I forgot already. It was one of the scariest 5 minutes of my life. I had to survive the twisted path on my own. There was nobody to catch me falling on my face uncontrollably in one of the corners and there was fear to knock over the one in front if I mess up. The increase in speed with a sudden jerk was nerve-wracking. I learned to concentrate, move forward, balance and fight for my life in that track at a record time of 5 minutes. I was sweating, panting and close to crying by the end of the exercise. I couldn’t have ridden a Segway without the invisible peer pressure and gotten out of my comfort zone without my friends. I also wouldn’t have recovered so fast if it weren’t for their presence and go hog-wild attitude in Singapore.

Things to Do in Singapore: Rounds of Luge
We bought tickets for the Luge and went up the cable car. 

I was excited to have this bob-sled slash go-cart experience when I saw the vehicle. There were no lines, the air was crisp and it was like racing into the night with friends. It was probably the closest to the F1 race us friends will ever be for now in Singapore.

Things to Do in Singapore: Late Night Play

We played around Sentosa for a bit before all the action. 

We caught up with Hershey’s Kisses and the M&Ms. 

We didn’t go for the iFly though. Last but not the least, Ramen Play was there to delight us. 

We ordered 5 of this plus a vegetarian version.

Things to Do in Singapore: Shop at Bugis Street
There’s one last thing we came to Singapore for in this trip. We actually timed it to the Great Singapore Sale. I found this piece of heaven on my last half day just behind the Hotel Ibis Bencoolen! 

I actually didn’t have to wait all year round to shop with friends. All the stores weren’t even open yet when I arrived before lunch. I bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 1 top for 80 SGD in one and a half hours! 

I actually ran out of SGD for the airport ride and a little over-budget because of this. Good thing my friends were there and there was that tax refund at the airport. Haha. 

They gave me that extra push to buy that shoe I wanted from Charles & Keith too!

Singapore Recap: Some Other Things We Did Together
Here are a few other barkada highlights of our trip:

I like Singapore for the food, the activities, the diversity and for everything I experienced in my two first trips. Being with friends for this adventure was a different kind of high. I learned to love traveling alone when I started this blog a year ago. Writing about traveling with friends is something else to look forward to after this trip.