Unforgettable Seoul '10 Day 11 - My Last Exciting Memory of Seoul

November 1, 2009 (Sunday)

I was down to my last 50,000 Won (for simpler conversion, use 10,000 Won = 400 Pesos). My single bag had balloon to 3 in one day (supermarket stuff) and I was ready to go home. Emily had one more meal up her sleeve. She was determined to complete at least two of my food wish list before I catch the airport bus in Sinchon.


I had Bossam in Beijing and had loads of fun eating it with a mountain of not-so-spicy kimchi. 


I originally thought Bossam was boiled beef, we were served boiled pork belly. I think eating beef is expensive in Korea since they don’t produce a lot locally. Bossam tastes close to our native lechon in Manila without the skin but I like the simple flavor and texture of the Bossam better. 


It’s great to eat bossam with duenjang chigae and other appetizers. Bossam is usually eaten wrapped in lettuce or sesame leaves and ssamjang (ssam is wrapping, jang is paste).

As if this was not enough, we abnormally ordered Naengmyeon (冷面). 


I said ‘abnormally’ because it was not typical to eat cold noodles for lunch on a cold day in Korea. Nonetheless, it was superb and I couldn’t ask for anything more for this trip. It was a chewy and tasty treat! 


I figured I could risk appearing weird just to taste the real thing in Seoul for the last time. We ate here if you're curious.


There’s a bus that goes around Seoul to take people to the Incheon International Airport. 


I said goodbye to my friend for a wonderful journey as I waited for the bus. 


From my location in Sinchon/Sincheon, it took around 45 minutes to get to the airport. I heard the AREX (Airport Railroad Express) just opened but I would still prefer the bus for a one-stop ordeal. To know more about the AREX, click here. I arrived at the airport comfortably.


It was still early and I was a little worried that I had way too much baggage for the limit. I was glad for the all-day check-in of Asiana airlines. The staff was very accommodating and my backpack hand carry was also included.

I had time to find the Duty Free Pick Up site to get my small package I bought at the Dongwha Duty Free Store a few days back (Seoul Day 9). 


It was very convenient and LVs were being picked up left and right. 

I passed by a cultural center on the way to the terminal gate and figured I still had a lot of time before my flight. I wished we had these in Manila. 


I chose to make a lantern over a keychain I could take home while I listened to Korean traditional performances. 


People would literally stop and listen when there was live music.


The finished product was actually a working mini lantern with a light installed after, only I got to choose and make the pattern!

my mini lantern

For those who are internet savvy, there’s a computer center and the airport is actually wired with free WIFI. 

free wifi

I never thought I could still squeeze in a little more fun in the airport but I did in Incheon (just don’t eat at the food court, they serve foreigner Korean food, read all about Korean food meant for foreign consumption here).

back to manila

I was a little teary-eyed when I boarded the plane. I really loved my experiences in Korea and I would definitely recommend going to Seoul. It was the trip that inspired me to have a travel blog. I can still remember it to this day.

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