Boracay '10 Trip Highlights

Boracay '10 Trip Highlights - I enjoyed those in red very much.

Food: Got to Try Aria, Jammers Coco-Mango Shake, Real Coffee's Calamansi Muffins, Jonah's Milk Shake, Manana's TacosBiscocho Haus Butterscotch

Adventures: Ride from Caticlan to Kalibo, Ride a Van to Kalibo, Ride the Caticlan Jetty Port, Foodie Adventure: Aria, Check-In Astoria, Play in the Beach, Check out D-Mall, Walk to Station 2 & 3Watch Fire Dancers and Look at SandcastlesFoodie Adventure: JammersHang Out with a local ForeignerBraided my HairHang Out with Locals, Henna Tattoo (got allergies), Paraw, Foodie Adventure: Real Coffee, Buffet by the Beach, Hang Out in Red Coconut Hotel Coco BarCut My Braids, Ride tricycle, Zorb Ball strapped in and Zorb Ball with water, Foodie Adventure: Jonah's Milk Shake and MananaRide the Bus back to Kalibo.

Boracay '10 - Trip Summary

Boracay - Day 1 - Boracay in August
How To Go, Travel Expenses, Where To Stay, Tips on Free Meal,  Boracay Atmosphere in August, Things To Do, Where To Go, Where To Eat, Boracay of the Past 

Boracay - Day 2 - Of Braids and the Paraw
What To Do, How Much To Do, Where To Eat, Where to Go

Boracay - Day 3 - Last Day Adventure