Beijing '10 Day 7 - The First Time’s the Charm

July 11, 2010 (Sunday)

Under normal circumstances, I try to keep a low profile, causing less disturbance and inconvenience to my roommate but this time around, I woke up just in time at 2 p.m. for our late lunch. I ended up munching on a homemade Greek salad filled with stuff I don’t normally eat – cucumber, raw red onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese. The mix was surprisingly just right. I swear I tried though I couldn’t help but get myself a small second, third, fourth and fifth serving. The dressing was made from scratch and the salad was paired with crackers and Italian cheese. This may create an inclination towards the Greek salad from now on though I wonder if the future others can compare. I was the first one to dig in and the last one to leave the table. I was doubtful at first but I could in fact get full with this simple meal.

I slept again until 3 a.m. to watch the FIFA championship between Holland and Spain. The same friends the day before came for this gathering while I was sleeping. Even though I didn’t really understand the game except when somebody kicks the ball into the net, I found a new interest in football if only to keep up with the times and to get to know a new sport. Too bad the next World Cup is 4 years away. Like my new friends, I hoped the next venue would be in Asia so the time difference won’t be so hard on us.

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