Beijing '10 Day 3 - Giving In to Korean Influence, Kimchi Rice, Kimbap and Koreanovela in Beijing!

July 7, 2010 (Wednesday)

I had been watching a Korean series at all day. I will probably be hooked until I finish the whole thing. I never thought of watching online through this website back home. Everything loads so fast. Needless to say, if I didn’t have to eat or if this apartment was not that far from civilization, I would not even think of getting up this bed or even brush my teeth for that matter.

After forcing myself to get ready to eat lunch, I decided to head the other way by bus. The LinDaBeiLou stop, although it had only one bus number 466, was nearer and would take me directly to the WuDaoKou area 五道口 instead of BLCU.  I went down DongShengYuan 东升园  stop, which was near the HuaQingJiaYuan 华清嘉园 apartments, my old living quarters. I walked back to the Korean Snack Place behind Tous Les Jour and ordered Kimchi rice 泡菜饭 for 12RMB.

beijing IMG_3152

I was planning to take home my favorite Teokpokki but an extra small package of mozzarella would cost an additional 45RMB. I opted to take home just the Kimbap for dinner instead of both. I ordered Tuna Kimbap 金枪鱼 紫菜包饭 from my old favorite store near the WuDaoKou Cinema 五道口电影院 (just opposite U-Center).

beijing 4

I also dropped by my favorite JiangHuiMian 酱会面 (Korean black noodles with seafood) restaurant for a take-out menu I may never use for this trip. It is just sad to go on a nostalgic food trip alone, especially with such big servings. With my Kimbap at hand and leftover Kimchi Rice, I was ready to go back to the apartment and watch some more Koreanovela all the way through dinner.  This simple day ends at this note. I associate Beijing with my love for everything Korean.

beijing 3

It was here in Beijing where I was introduced to Korean classmates, Korean food and Korean dramas. In this particular university area, one can say that shops, clothes, restaurants and the like highly cater to Koreans. I once tutored a Korean national here as a part-time job. Only after my stay here did I realize that Koreans were also making their way in almost all parts of the Philippines. Suddenly, there was a new race with a different culture that seemed to keep me interested and it amazed me that I got along quite well with them. Because of these interactions, I did not pass up the chance to go on a trip to South Korea last year. Seoul gently displaced Beijing as my first love ever since that trip. I am looking forward to going back there again soon as I do Beijing.

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